The Vesper

vesper ~ “the evening star”


For whatever reason, Crave mesmerizes me (one of their first vibrators was the Duet, which I featured in a past post).  Is it because their website is laid out like a sexy version of a MAC store?  Clean?  Elegant?  Striking?  Or because they are committed to creating discreet, wearable, yet powerful vibrators?  Women are big on the discreet thing (fear of judgement).

Whatever it is, I crave Crave and I thought it was about time to test them out.  If their vibrators are beautiful but not functional, I need to shatter my illusions now for I will not settle for non functioning vibrators.  But I may still wear them around my neck as decoration.

Which brings me to their newest creation: The Vesper.  It’s a pendant necklace vibrator and yes, I pre-ordered one, and yes you should too!

Pre order here!

Pre order here!


(+) Fully USB rechargeable with the supplied cable.

(+) Stainless steel body and tip will not change color or tarnish.

(+) Free engraving for all pre-orders only (under 60 characters).

(+) 26″ nickel-free stainless steel chain.

(+) Whisper-quiet.

(+) Splashproof for easy cleaning with soap and water.

(+) Just a few essential modes: low, medium, and high + pulsing – not too many, just enough.

(+) Intuitive design – just one button to turn on, change speeds, and hold to turn off.

(+) Product Dimensions: 3.8″ long, .3″ diameter (.5″ diameter at cap).

(+) Nickel-free plating – as with all CRAVE products.

(+) Designed for external clitoral use only. Not for insertion.

(+) Option between silver ($49), rose gold ($59) or gold ($130)


I’ll let you know how it goes :)

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