The Layaspot

The Layaspot vibe is simple and sweet, and may be best suited for women who prefer gentle, external stimulation as an accent to foreplay or during solo sessions.  Its petite size (4″ long) and ergonomic shape fits comfortably in your hand; you can also quite literally “lay” it on your “spot” and it sits there just about perfectly (hence, the name layaspot).   It’s simple to use: the raised + and – buttons control the on and off functions and holding either will increase or decrease vibration intensity.  It comes in a variety of colors and it’s also waterproof, which is a huge plus for me.

The Layaspot

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If you’re confused about how you place it on your lady bits, I will try to explain.  You can hold it with the white tip pointing toward the floor and tease your clitoris with only the white tip.  OR, you can hold it with the white tip pointing toward the ceiling and literally “lay” it on your clitoris with the purple end facing your derriere.  In either position, the curve of the toy will shape to the curve of your vulva.

Despite the placement I used, I didn’t get much out of the toy.  Don’t get me wrong: if you’re not sure how strong of a vibration you want or if you know you want a milder vibration, this vibe will most likely be a good place to start.  But for me, the vibrations weren’t strong enough.  Also, I didn’t like that the whole toy vibrated instead of just the tip vibrating, which is what I want most since the tip hits the clitoris.  I would have even settled for the tip vibrating stronger than the rest of the toy but again, it just didn’t hit the spot for me (badum-chm)!


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