Sex in the Midwest: The Older Boyfriend

Yay, another episode from my peeps at the Midwest Teen Sex Show!  This episode is about dating “the older man.”  Let’s see what we can learn from them today:

Ok, as hilarious as this video is, I admit it’s more of a parody than an educational expose.  They do make some points that are hard to argue with, though.  For example: if you’re in your late 20s and you’re dating someone in high school, you are most likely a creep.  At the very least, you have serious maturity issues (and I highly doubt that your list of complexes ends there).  I always like to say that it’s not necessarily the age difference that matters.  After all, I’m sure many of us know couples who are a good width apart in age (my parents are 14 years apart).

But it’s the LIFE DIFFERENCE that your age reflects that matters.  Someone who is 17 can not possibly have experienced enough to relate to or have a mature relationship with a 31 year old (that’s a 14 year difference).  But if you are a 24 year old who is dating a 38 year old (also a 14 year difference), your life experiences will line up better and your relationship will start on a more equal level.  That’s what I think at least.  

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