Q&A: Who makes more: a guy in finance or a doctor?


Q&A:  Assuming a girl wants to marry a man with money, who should she go after: finance guys or doctors?


A:  This is a difficult question to answer because unlike doctors who work in finite and somewhat limited environments (ie, hospitals and private practice), finance guys work in the business world, which has a TON more sub-divisions and job positions, which means finance has a huge range of salaries.

Screen shot 2013-08-20 at 10.31.45 PMFor instance, according to the BLS, a primary care physician in America makes an average, annual salary of $202K.  Compare this to a trader in finance, (which remember is only one of the many job positions offered in finance) whose average salary is only $70K.  However, a trader can work in many different environments (asset managing firms, commercial or investment banks or hedge funds) and depending on how long they’ve worked and where they work, this will all affect pay.  For example, it is not unheard of that a good trader who has been working out of college for 10 years, in New York at Goldman easily pulls in $600K+ (that’s before bonus).  A doctor the same age with the same 10 years of resident/work experience will not even come close to that amount.  Hell, most doctors even in the top of their field (including neurosurgeons, cardiac surgeons and anesthesiologists) don’t make that.

Long story short: finance is where the real money is, where the sickeningly rich men reside.  The top dogs in finance can make millions, arguably a figure that the best doctor in the country won’t ever see.  That is because finance is a risk: the bigger risk you take, the greater your potential reward.

But medicine is sure money.  A doctor knows for certain he will at least make $200K-400K and live a comfortable lifestyle.  There is no such guarantee in finance.  Your salary could be millions, yes, but it will more likely be around $80-200K.  The disgustingly rich finance guys don’t grow on trees; they make money by being very good at what they do (to the point of being inhuman sometimes), working a long time for it or just being plain lucky.  Such is not necessarily true for doctors, who work for their title but in a different way and under entirely different rules.  Doctors are safe choices, in other words, and the financial security is undeniably going to be obtained in their profession.

If all you really want is sure money, go for doctors.  But if you want to play in the big leagues and have the “means” to do it, doctor-smocktor, go for the high rollers!  Who can resist a guy who takes helicopters to work, conducts all his business calls through Skype from his private island in Bora Bora, and funds secrete genetic experiments to create his own hybrid cheetah-shark-wolf guard dog?  PSH, I’m sold!

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