LELO’s Gigi


Length:  6 1/2″
Insertable length:  4 1/2″
Circumference:  3 1/2″
Material:  Silicone
Safety features:  Food-grade material / Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Non-porous / Phthalates free




I bought this vibrator for three reasons: 1) I love LELO’s products, 2) Gigi just happens to be one of the best old movies ever and 3) every review I read on this product just raved about it.

I was disappointed.  It’s a pretty looking toy, very feminine and soft to the touch.   It just wasn’t very strong and while I was using it, I didn’t feel much at all.  I actually got kind of bored.  I tried moving the toy around, moving myself around, doing it myself, letting him do it, etc. but nothing changed the sensation.

Sometimes because LELO’s buttons on their toys are recessed or flush with the toy’s surface, it can be awkward/difficult to change the speed/vibration pattern while you’re actually playing with the toy.  Gigi wasn’t as awkward as some of the other products I’ve tried but it’s still a lot to do when you’re doing it alone.  I prefer easy “turn dial” type vibrators because it’s much easier to use during play.  Also, the  slip that covers the plug for the wall adapter on the toy is flimsy and not only does it break easily but it’s also a haven for germs to collect in/around.


Anyway, that’s just a minor pet peeve so don’t let it stop you from purchasing from LELO.  But as for Gigi, I wasn’t impressed and the only thing more disappointing than the performance was the price: $70 on sale ($100 regular).  ICK!






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