Discreet ways to store your sex toys…

Finding a place for your toys can be a daunting task.  It seems everyone’s bedroom arrangement poses its own set of problems: no night stands, no night stands with drawers, no room underneath the bed, no where for shelves, bedroom is too small to put anything extra, etc.  I myself have come across these problems and it is really annoying.  The bigger issue is I don’t want to be stuck using all those corny storage options that sex stores offer, such as this pink corset box (which is WAY to small to store all my stuff anyway):

From Eden Fantasys

The pillows aren’t too bad if you can find a semi-normal looking one like this.  But again, it’s too small; I would have like, 20 pillows at least all over my bed, at which point it stops being a discreet hiding spot.  I can already see my friends rolling their eyes at my even trying something so obvious.  It’s just not a reasonable option.

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My other issue besides finding a big enough storage bin is the location of this bin: I want it close to the bed (for obvious reasons).  As I researched “sex toy storage” online many people offered storage locations that I found to be ridiculous, like in the medicine cabinet or the closet or under chair cushions.  If it’s literally the only place you can put it, fine.  But I refuse to settle for such mediocre advice.  Besides, what are you supposed to do if you live with a roommate, “Oh excuse me X, can you get off that couch cushion so I can grab my hidden dildo…”???   It was at that point I realized that this not-so-simple task would require more creativity than I originally thought.

I spent a good couple weeks turning over options in my head, and spent hours staring at containers in stores trying to spark ideas.  In the end, I think I was fairly successful (you’ll have to let me know!)  I excluded ideas that involve night stands because that’s too obvious.  If you have input and ideas of your own, please share because we could all use the help!

Solution #1:  Flat Storage Containers


If your bed is high enough, you can slip this little sucker under there and fill it with all your goodies.  Some under the bed storage containers like this have wheels too, which makes moving it in and out easier (the container, not the sex).

Solution #2:  “Empty” Furniture

Screen shot 2013-06-16 at 6.16.52 PM

These are great pieces because they look like regular furniture but they actually serve as “trunks” for storage!  You can put a larger one (like on the left) at the foot of your bed and fill it with toys.  I’ve seen the smaller, square ones (on the right) at Target for pretty affordable prices.  You can arrange 2/3 of those in your room and they serve as perfect hiding spots plus extra seating areas.

Solution #3:  Do-it-yourself Cabinet

Screen shot 2013-06-16 at 6.23.24 PM

The cabinet and the collapsible, canvas “drawers” on the left are very affordable and can be found almost anywhere (Wal-Mart, Target, Ikea)  I use something similar to the left image and it works great for me.  The Ikea cabinet on the right is really cute, especially if you put some decorations on each shelf like candles, a plant, etc.

Solution #4:  For larger items you don’t use regularly


You may have larger items or lots of sexy accessories and toys.  There’s no reason why you can’t keep your favorite toys in your bedroom in a cute and discreet storage bin while your other items go in a larger, boring looking thing hidden in your closet behind clothes.  You can find rolling, storage bins like the above almost anywhere.  I recommend wheels because if you ever need to maneuver your toy bin out of your closet, it will be much less awkward, and that’s what we’re aiming for when accessing our sex toys!

Solution #5:  Ladder Shelves

Screen shot 2013-06-16 at 6.41.32 PM

I love ladder shelves (I’ve seen them at Ikea but I’m sure you can find them other places too) because hanging shelves on the wall is such a hassle.  Ladder shelving is also a great place to hide your toys!  Just buy a couple of boxes (on the right, from Container Store), fill them with toys, and intersperse them on your shelves.  I would suggest putting other decor on the shelves along with your boxes; add some candles, picture frames, books, etc.  Remember we’re trying to be discreet!

Solution #6:  Cool Wall Shelves

Screen shot 2013-06-16 at 7.01.39 PM

If the ladder shelves take up too much room, why not just find some cool shelving units to hang above the bed?  You can still buy those collapsible, canvas bins or cute wicker baskets to use for shelves like on the left.  As for the right, you could just keep some lube and a couple of your favorite toys in the smaller drawers.

Solution #7:  Suspended Wall Drawer

Check it out here!I love this: it’s a drawer/night stand that attaches straight to the wall.  SO CONVENIENT!  If you can find this anywhere, I think it would be a good option to store some of your favorite toys.  The particular drawer above is a special design and is 125 Euro (boo).

Solution #8:  Hanging Shoe Rack


Depending on the size of your toys, you could use a hanging shoe rack to hide those sexy items.  At the very least, you could keep lube, condoms, bullet vibes, smaller toys, etc. in it easily.  The one pictured above is nice because it’s canvas, not clear, therefore it helps keep your toys private.

Solution #9:  Stacked Boxes

Screen shot 2013-06-20 at 8.49.02 AM

Buy some cute stackable boxes, whether it’s simple ones that you can label, trunks, or hat boxes.  You can arrange these cutely on top of your dresser or any table top you have in your bedroom.  Depending on what you get and how your bedroom is arranged, you could even arrange them on the floor.  The most helpful thing to do, in my opinion, is go to the Container Store, Target, etc. and just look at what they have; absorb some ideas and figure out what works best for you.

 How do you store your sexy items?  Share your comment below or contact me here!



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