Got Milk? Good, go sell it!

Many women can’t produce enough milk for their newborns (1-5%) and in a “breast is best” era, that can cause tremendous amounts of stress on new moms (not to mention the self esteem issues that can accompany the issue).

got-milk[1]So if you’re a milking beast, consider sharing your abundance with less fortunate women by donating to a local milk bank.  Or if you’re an unfortunate, visit one of those milk banks or visit websites like this one where you can browse through ads posted by women just like you (er, well, like you but with breast milk).

On a side note: this topic isn’t sexy.  I spent 30 minutes debating which category (play, sex or love) to put it under.  But here’s the thing, people.  If you’re going to have sex, you need to be partially willing to face the unsexy side of it (yes, there is one).  Babies are consequen… I mean, “miracles,” that accompany the joy of sex so once and a while, be willing to stare the topic of milk-being-squeezed-from-ducts-interlaced-between-fat-tissue straight in the face.  Or rather, the nipple.




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