Food for Thought: Why oral over intercourse?

Had an interesting conversation recently among two men, one who agreed with me on this subject and one who was shocked (in other words, did NOT agree with me).  There is definitely no right or wrong answer; this is purely a topic to stimulate the brain.

Before we begin, I have to say I still think it’s hilarious how men think they are awesome at every sexual act they perform.  Every woman I know has lied to men about the degree of pleasure they’ve experienced in bed.  And every man I know has tooted their horn over their sexual prowl-ness.  Obviously the numbers don’t add up, people!  Reminds me of Harry Met Sally:

Now on to the subject at hand.  I made a comment about how intercourse was way better than anything else, including oral.  This sparked a disagreement because one of the young men “knew for a fact” his partners loved cunnilingus, mainly because he was “definitely” good at it (hence, my Sally Met Harry shout-out).  I agreed that women may like cunnilingus but in all honesty, it’s not the act we care about; it’s the orgasm.

Hear me out a moment: Foreplay is great, obviously, and it’s definitely nice to have a warm up before playing ball.  Let’s consider a moment WHY women report liking cunnilingus more than intercourse.  Because 1) it’s a time where they don’t have to “work” at sex and 2) it’s easier to orgasm.  Most women don’t/can’t orgasm through sexual intercourse so of course cunnilingus is going to be awesome, right?

But think of this world, ladies: you’re with a man who can make you orgasm every time you have intercourse.  Cunnilingus would become less important perhaps.  Sure, it may be fun for a few minutes & sure, maybe it’s your favorite form of foreplay.  But you might still be quick to move on to the goods cause let’s face it, vaginal orgasm is fucking awesome.


He acted insulted that I reported wanting intercourse over oral, like I was complaining about his (or men’s) overall ability to perform cunnilingus.  Gentlemen, you are thinking of it all wrong: if a woman wants you to skip oral and go straight to intercourse that probably means you’re good at giving her an orgasm vaginally, which BRAVA for everyone involved on that front; that’s a rare thing!

Or she could be bored and trying to get it over with, in which case all the cunnilingus skills in the world ain’t gonna save ya, buddy.


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