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Most people know of at least one or two discreet sex toys that are currently making the rounds within their friendship circles, but there comes a time every now and again when these age-old devices get a bit familiar, and then it is time for something new.  Currently, there are a few exciting variations of the old school classics and they make for some intriguing bedroom play.

Lipstick Vibe

Lipstick Vibe

This is a nice little gadget for tantalizing nights out on the town.  Just imagine how sexy your date will think this is when you pull it out under the table during dinner!  HUBBA HUBBA!  Or maybe the movie theater?  Or the library?  Or work?  Or… maybe I should stop.  I could list a lot of “inappropriate places” so you get the idea, right?  It’s a cool thing!  The prices range from $10 (remember you get what you pay for) and $80 (Mia, by Lelo, has a very nice slim, lipstick looking one that has good reviews).  So what are you waiting for?  Pucker up!  (too much?  crossing the line?)

Dual Ben Wa Balls


Ben Wa Balls are scary to many women but no need to be nervous.  They can’t get lost and they can’t go anywhere but out (unless you seriously push them up your cervix, in which case you are insane because OUCCCCHIE)!  Ben Wa Balls have been around for ages, and while they are a favorite among many people, a new variation has been introduced that might make these discreet sex toys all the more popular.  In case you aren’t familiar with Ben Wa, these little fellas are meant to tone the pelvic floor (making for a great work out) and simultaneously stimulate (making for a great day).  Dual action is nice too because a string is attached, making removal easy.  Some women prefer the sensation of the dual over the single and some women complain the dual is “too long” for their petite lady parts; these are all personal preferences you’ll have to experiment with yourself.  Regardless, anyone who is looking to add some spice to the bedroom might want to look at investing in a pair of these.  Try em out and see for yourself!

The USB Vibrator

duet-landing2Travel for business?  Want to appear sexy but really know deep down that you’re a deviant, sexy vixen?  Well, isn’t the USB vibe just perfect then?!  This device looks like an ordinary USB so it won’t draw much attention, but it also comes with a split tip that is meant to stimulate the clitoris. It’s small enough to be convenient, strong enough to get things done, and discrete enough to never have to be without it.  Anyone who is going to be traveling, or simply wants to make sure that the vibrating function doesn’t wake up the rest of the household, might want to look into purchasing one of these.  The Duet isn’t cheap ($139) but like I always say, you get out what you put in, people!

The Vibrating Duckie

I rub my Duckie

You might get a few strange looks as you go through airport security with a rubber duckie in your luggage, but they won’t suspect it’s a vibrator and this is why many women are opting to add it to their growing collection of bedroom toys. This sort of rubber duckie has been designed strictly for adults and it’s small enough to fit in your hand luggage while remaining powerful enough to get you going in the bedroom.  You can also get them themed (pirate duckie, BDSM duckie, etc.), which is adorable!  They range from $20-40 depending on style, speed, and size.

This guest post of discreet sex toys was written by Trust Me It’s Sexy.

If you have more suggestions on great discreet toys, let us know here!

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