Condom Snorting: yea, it’s a thing

So you’re tired of feeling old, hm?  Want to know what the young, hip kids are up to, right?  Well, after you hear this, you may not care so much that you’re not part of the younger generation because what I’m about to share is truly one of the more stupid things I’ve had to witness in my life.

I give you: condom snorting.  It’s exactly what it sounds like: you take a condom, snort it up/through your noise, then pull it out your mouth.  I’m not lying, people.  It was a hit all over YouTube until parents and medical professionals put up such a protest that the videos had to be taken down.  But there’s still reminiscent chunks of videos/pictures out there if you look.  This video provides such footage, while also accurately summing up my feelings concerning this subject:

You know, there was once a time that I could take comfort in the fact that only men performed such reckless, pointless, stupid behavior such as this.  Jackass and Fish Bowl Condom dudes; ya know, the real ridiculous idiots out there.  But now, women are doing stupid things too.  How depressing.  What hope does the future have now?  I weep.  I weep so hard for mankind.

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