Character of the Day: who knew cleaning could be sexy?

I’m sure you all remember my idea of Character in a Jar.  We’ve been introduced to Suzi and Mrs. Johnson.  Today, we have a new girl who wants to join the club.  Let’s make her feel welcome, people:


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Buy it here!

Clue for the jar: You can write something like, “Ooh la la, Monsieur, you are dirty!” or “Madame asked I do a thorough job today.”

Other possible names: Giselle, Chloé, Camille, Madeline

Similar characters: It’s hard to think of something comparable but I suppose anyone you hire for a service would do: car washer, babysitter, tutor, assistant, gardener???  Nothing sounds as sexy as a maid (I wonder if that statement is born purely out of societal conditioning).

Key feature: First and foremost, Sophie has an accent!  Try to keep that accent going as long as you can.  Sophie is innocent and sweet, careless about how high her skirt’s hem seems to rise when she bends down to scrub the floor.  She is also hired by the wife.  I find this is a fun element because the man can feel even more mischievous when he’s attracted to someone his own wife puts in their house.  Also, in the future you can comment on the “new girl” you’ve hired, “Did you like the new maid last week?  She did such a great job, don’t you think?  I think I will have her back next month.”  And he will agree, of course!

How to introduce her: After you’re all decked out (go all the way: gloves, little hat, a duster, etc.), find a good spot to get on all fours and “clean” (maybe under the sink).  Be in that position when he comes home.  Act surprised and embarrassed that he has “caught” you in such a vulnerable position, “Ooh la la, Monsieur, I’m sorry!  Madame said you would be home much later.  I… normally… don’t get on the floor in such a manner,” as you pull your skirt down.  Etc. etc.


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