California Exotics: 4-way Arouser

4-way Arouser on AmazonSince I have purchased this product it has been discontinued on Eden Fantasys but you can still find it on Amazon ($15) and other places if you search. But it may not be worth your time.

Cock rings are extremely finicky. Some are really nice enhancements for both couples while others are just kind of flimsy and non-exciting. The 4-way Arouser was non-exciting for us but I think that may be because we don’t use cock rings for what’s actually considered the original purpose of the toy. Cock rings are really designed to either promote or prolong an erection by constricting blood flow in the penis. So using a cock ring without this purpose in mind with the hopes that the vibrating bullets might feel nice… well, this may not give you a positive result.

There are two holes, one for the penis and the other for the balls (I hate using “balls” but testes sounds too formal, doesn’t it?). The first “duck head” with the vibrating bullet will stimulate the woman’s clitoris while the second “duck head” with another vibrating bullet will stimulate the man’s perineum area. This is a helpful video that goes into more details:

We found no way to actually fit this toy on him comfortably. The vibrating bullet was too hard against me and the other vibrating bullet didn’t reach any kind of arousing area on him. The vibes are strong, the material is strong and very flexible, and it’s all waterproof so it’s a good toy in that sense. But overall, we were both annoyed and eventually just took it off!

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