Boob cameos are awesome!

I was surfing craigslist the other day and came across this photo:


There are many questions we can ask about this photo.  The most obvious being: is that a man or woman’s boob?  It looks like a woman to me, mainly because it’s quite round/supple and there’s no noticeable hair on the chest or arms.  Assuming she’s a she, the second question becomes: how the hell do you post a photo online and not notice your boob is out?

I know we’ve all had some poppage now and then or a bra poking through or nipple peeking.  But this person isn’t being active. She isn’t moving around or doing anything that might compromise the position of one’s boob.  She’s literally sitting on her overweight, slob-ish butt on a Friday night, taking naked selfies with a bird (which, aside from being kinda weird, seems dangerous for an animal that’s known to bite randomly).  Anyway.  Let’s read what this boob has to say:


Given the grammatical errors running rampant through her post, I realize now how this person could boob bomb her own photo.  If there’s anything I hate more than accidental boob shots while holding parrots, it’s grammatical errors.  But you know, there is a silver lining:


I should probably go.  I have a lot of online material to sift through.


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