What is playsexlove?

Playsexlove is here to entertain and educate by way of the three most critical aspects of relationships:

Play ~ Product reviews and suggestions to keep the bedroom interesting.  
Sex ~ Keep informed and learn the facts of the sexual arena. 
Love ~ Find advice, Q&As and other discussions relating to relationships and love.

Who is playsexlove?

Likes ~ happy hours that involve cynical chatter, revenge, grudges
Dislikes ~ unsexy underwear, men with accents, toys that don’t make you orgasm, boring people
Favorite Sport ~ judging strangers, making little children cry
Favorite Food ~ olives, champagne, fries, sex
Favorite Quote ~ “I don’t know the question, but sex is definitely the answer.”  Woody Allen


You still have questions?

Are you a fat, divorced, middle-aged, bitter woman?

No, no, no, no, yes.

Why won’t you just tell me who you really are?

Because the world is full of judgmental hypocrites who think if you’re open about sex, you must be morally compromised or intellectually tainted.  NEWS FLASH:  I have accomplished more in my early life than most people have by the time they reach their death bed.  That’s probably why I have the courage to speak up about what I feel passionate about as where others prefer to stick their head in the sand.  That’s no way to live life, in my opinion.

You write about sex.  That means you like sex.  That means you want to have sex with me, right?

No, idiot.  Just because I enjoy educating people about their body and what comes natural to them does NOT mean I want to have sex with you.  Most of us participate in sex; it’s part of our daily lives and yet most of us hide it, as if children running around isn’t proof enough of our “indiscretions.”  The difference between me and them is not my desire to have sex but my desire to speak openly about what we all have on our mind but just won’t say.

You must have sex all the time, lucky!

Um, no.  I am a normal person (a normal WOMAN to be more precise).  I experience dry spells like everyone, I still need warm-up time, sometimes I’m not in the mood, thinking about chores distracts me in bed, orgasms can elude me, I still like the emotional attachment crap, etc. etc.

Is your b/f ok with you writing about your sex life?

Before I began this blog, we talked about it and he encouraged me to do what I wanted.  We have ground rules (writing about particular things is off limits) and if I write a post I am uncertain might offend him, I check with him first.

Feel free to contact me here with more questions!


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