40 Days of Typical

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Over dinner, an acquaintance suggested I check out the 40 Days of Dating website to gather inspiration for a post.  I am always grateful for new ideas so I read through the site the next day.  To sum it up?  Two friends who are professional designers in NYC (they did not give their ages, which I thought was odd) decide to date (exclusively) for 40 days.  They document each day on their site, pulling readers back and forth between the ultimate question: will they fall in love or part ways in the end?  Only Day 40 can tell.

It’s an interesting premise and the site is laid out well (I expect no less from designers).  But overall, the only impression I was left with after reading through all 40 days was this: BOOORRRRRIINNNNNGGGGGG!  In fact, I was bored after Day 5!  It’s all so typical and unexciting.  I actually think them being friends first made it MORE boring.  Finding a stranger and doing 40 Days of Dating would have been way more entertaining.  Both the characters struggle with the age-old, predictable syndromes: the girl wants to find “true love” and the guy just wants to have fun.  BIG SURPRISE.  Again, it would be more entertaining if they had something more unique to offer regarding their personalities/problems.

Screen shot 2013-09-20 at 9.20.20 AM[SPOILER]  In the end, they don’t end up pursuing their relationship further (BIG SURPRISE).  To quote her, “He deserves to be with someone he’s crazy about and I deserve to have someone who is crazy for me.”  I find it interesting she didn’t say she wanted someone to be crazy about but rather, someone who is crazy about her.  Did we just identify your underlying problem, NY Lady?  Both characters admitted they learned a lot and grew to understand themselves and the other person through the process (DUH).  They also promised to be BFFs for infinity and beyond and other nonsense crap that I glazed over.

To be fair, I will praise each character regarding one insight they made (not to say there weren’t many but these were noteworthy) that I thought was very accurate and mature:

  • The Girl:  She admitted that psychologically speaking, if you spend time with someone everyday, someone who is attractive who you already know you like as a person (because they were friends first), you will naturally start liking them more and more.  So was their attraction out of convenience/circumstance or was it because they really had a connection?
  • The Boy:  He admitted to “liking the casual dating scene” and even said it was way easier to have his dating mentality in a place like NY so perhaps he was overindulging in the endless options.  But he also said, toward the end, he knew there wasn’t a connection with “her” and THAT was the actual problem, not the problem of dating someone exclusively.

*yawn.  I’m bored.  MORE SEX, LESS FLUFF!

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